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International Journal of Agricultural & Home Economics Education (IJAHEE)

The journal is mainly concerned in Agriculture and Home Economics, and all related fields. We seek contributions from scholars and professionals in the fields of Mechanized Agriculture, Horticulture, and forensic investigations to contribute their knowledge and experience. IJVOCTER: Journal of Agricultural & Home Economics Education publishes only original research papers, research notes, and reviews. Only high-quality research papers or reviews dealing with any aspect of the above subject-matters are welcomed. Papers may be theoretical, interpretative, or experimental. We welcome articles from all over the world on Farming Systems, Poultry, Veterinary Research, and all relevant areas of Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering.

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Journal of Industrial Technical & Technology Education Research (JITTER)

This is multidisciplinary journal covering subject matters across the Industrial Technical & Technology Education education faculty. Scholars of relevant disciplines are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. IJVOCTER: Journal of Industrial Technical and Technology Education publishes only original research papers, research notes and reviews across all subjects within the realm of Education with specific reference to Africa. These include but are not limited to international relations, Information Technology, Media, Entertainment, and Diplomacy. Only very high quality research papers or reviews are welcome. Papers may be theoretical, interpretative or experimental.

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Journal of Business & Computer Education Research (JBCER)

The purpose of the Journal of Business & Computer Education is to facilitate intellectual discussions, research analysis, and pragmatic studies and critiques leading to the formulation of policies and suggestions for the improvement of Business & Computer educational development across the world with specific attention to Africa. IJVOCTER: Journal of Business and Computer Education seeks to develop new theoretical and practical insights into the educational development in Africa and to contribute to the pool of valuable knowledge on how education and technology can be more effective as tools for Africa’s sustainable development. JBCE publishes original research papers from scholars of educational administration, educational policy development, curriculum developer, lecturers of educational subjects, teachers, education providers, psychologists, guidance counselors, technologists, information scientists, statisticians and other relevant subjects across multi-disciplinary settings which constitute significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of human development through Business & Computer educational processes and outcomes. All manuscripts are subject to peer review for quality.

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Journal of Vocation Education & Training Research (JVETR)

The purpose of this journal is to disseminate knowledge and to promote intellectual discussions, research analyses, and pragmatic studies including critiques on topics relevant to wider area of Vocation. JVTE is a multidisciplinary journal covering subjects such as politics, economics, media, information technology, geography, governance, law, foreign trade, corporate social responsibility, business administration, banking/finance, and many others. Scholars and professionals are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. IJVOCTER: Journal of Vocation Education and Training Research publishes only original research papers, research notes and reviews. Papers may be in the form of book review, original manuscripts etc. All manuscripts undergo peer reviews. AJSS is a fast growing and highly rated international journal and is a reliable source of citations and abstracts to Vocation & Training research.

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Journal of Arts & Science Education Research (JASER)

IJVOCTER: Journal of Arts & Science Education is devoted to academic papers that contain a significant degree of empirical analysis (quantitative or qualitative in nature). The editors encourage authors to submit papers of interdisciplinary approach. The coverage of the journal involves all subject areas including: Humanities, Social Sciences, Nursing, Environment, Arts (including Archaeology and Anthropology), Development Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, Surveying, Architecture, Law & Justice Studies, Agriculture (including Animal and Aquatic Science), Computer Science, Education, Philosophy, Medical and Health Policy, Nutrition and Home Science, Tourism and Hotel Management etc. All papers are subject to rigorous peer reviews.

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